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Instant Check In + Out for Visitors of All Kinds

Visitors can automatically register themselves with a simple scan of their driver's license, or with a pre-issued ID card or fob. KeepnTrack prints color-coded badges, giving administrators the ability to differentiate each person and determine when and where they should be.

Help Parents and Students Feel Secure with Extra Precautions

Paper sign-in sheets can't reveal a criminal history, nor can they help you locate everyone on campus in the event of an emergency. Identify threats before they gain access to your campus by running instant sex offender and criminal background checks, and track visitor activity in real-time with alerts and notifications.

Save Time and Resources

Eliminate staff time wasted checking-in guests, organizing paper documents, manually calculating volunteer hours and activities, or attempting to locate historical records. Run reports in a snap and make more insightful decisions with helpfully segmented data.


Transform your front desk into a powerful resource - a hub of information about everyone that steps foot on your campus. KeepnTrack creates a useful infrastructure that gives your staff an accurate view of who is at your facility and where they are.

How Does KeepnTrack Help You
Improve Visitor Management?

Improve Security

Take a proactive approach to campus safety by vetting every individual who enters your facility, while storing information about their visit.

Empower Staff

Give administrators the tools and information to make accurate decisions related to every area of person management on campus, in real-time.

Focus on What Matters

Save time and resources by automating data capture and retrieval, allowing staff to accomplish their primary responsibilities without interruptions.

Who, Why, Where, and When

Instantly print color-coded badges

Customize badge stickers for visitors by day of the week, person type, school colors, etc. You can include expiration dates, barcodes, pictures, and more. Plus, KeepnTrack offers customized hardware pre-configured to work seamlessly with your program.

How do background checks work with KeepnTrack?

KeepnTrack makes your school office run smoother.

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If a volunteer program is not run efficiently, much of the potential benefit can be lost and even discourage participation in the future. KeepnTrack is designed to help you optimize your program by increasing the speed, effectiveness, and accuracy with which administrative functions are performed, so you can focus on what's important.

How Does KeepnTrack Help You
Amplify Your Volunteer Program?

Streamline Program Management

Simplify the logistics of your program by automating all data collection, calculating, and storage while removing the potential for human error.

Boost Fundraising Efforts

Persuade potential donors with concrete figures illustrating responsible use of resources and the projected impact of donations on program output.

Encourage Participation

Attract and retain quality talent by facilitating a program that's easily accessible and allows volunteers to make the most significant impact on their community.

Volunteers Apply Online

Instead of making your volunteer applicants take multiple trips to your facility, direct them to a custom online application which can be filled out anywhere from any web-enabled device - no need for an app!

24/7 Live Customer Support

Hit a snag, have a question, or simply have a good joke to share? We're here around the clock for help on any topic, for any body.

Keep it in the Cloud

When your visitor management process is managed by KeepnTrack, your information is available from any web-ready device, without the need for apps.

Volunteer management doesn't have to be complicated.

Take advantage of tools designed to make your school look good.



Give students the opportunity to participate in technical training and internships without sacrificing security or putting additional monitoring responsibilities on administrative staff. Prepare students early for independence by developing the vital character traits necessary to succeed in a professional work environment.

Even students can get in and out faster

Print and issue tardy slips

Don't hold up tardy students in the office, depriving them of even more time in class. Print slips or badges in a flash, and you can even specify the reason - these are all customizable fields and options in the KeepnTrack software suite.

Improve the Educational Experience for Students

Foster Accountability

Help students feel invested in their education, and therefore more likely to meaningfully participate, by making them responsible for their own attendance.

Unify Protocols

Maintain a reassuring atmosphere of order and consistency by removing variations and human error that often happen as a result of analog record keeping.

Focus on Education

Improve the overall learning environment by stripping educators of duties not directly related to learning, such as logging and monitoring attendance.

What do others say about KeepnTrack?

  • S. Guenther
    Keepntrack has been a pleasure to work with whenever we've had questions or issues. They're polite and professional on the phone and always work hard to find a solution to problems.
    S. Guenther
    Messiah Lutheran Church & School
  • E. Shei
    KeepNTrack is a recent addition to one of our campuses and it has worked really well for us so far. We had a few bumps early on getting things to work how we wanted, but it's way better than the binder we were using, now that the issues have been ironed out. The multi-language option has also been great, since a large number of our students' parents speak only Spanish. I definitely would recommend this software to other schools!
    E. Shei
    Christel House Schools
  • A. Chase
    They are so quick to help and are so patient with me while they troubleshoot any problems I'm having.
    A. Chase
    Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools
  • H. Kamnsky
    Someone actually answers the phone every time we call. Tech support is awesome and works hard to ensure we have all questions answered.
    H. Kamnsky
    Calvert County Public Schools
  • Brad
    Keepntrack allows us to ensure we know who is entering our schools. It is easy to use, and has done a great job in keeping our buildings safe.
    Hawthorn District 73
  • B. Staib
    Saves us time, makes life easier.
    B. Staib
    Middlesex County Public Schools
  • K. Gardenhire
    Easy to manage software.
    K. Gardenhire
    Farmington Public Schools
  • W. Smith
    I oversaw the daily use of this program to monitor visitors to a 2,000 student high school. Over the course of three years of use we never had an issue that kept us from performing the important function of checking entering visitors. We had a few times each month that a red flag would be raised, but we never had a problem because we were notified and able to individually monitor the location of each of these visitors.
    W. Smith
    Dade Schools
  • K. Morton
    My school uses KeepnTrack to check students in and out of clubs, study hall, etc. It's very difficult to keep track of 700 students whose schedules change weekly, sometimes daily.
    K. Morton
    Lewisville Independent School District
  • J. Daniel
    Very rarely do you find a software which is not sold as custom but seeks to include your input so thoroughly.
    J. Daniel
  • T. Pryce
    We have been using KeepnTrack for 6 years and it has been a great addition to our charter school. We can track all the volunteer hours for the year, which is handy when applying for grants.
    T. Pryce
    Luckiamute Valley Charter School

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